Am I upper class? Middle class? Lower class?

Hey guys I just wanna know If I am because I get alot of questions at school If my mom has alot of money or do I get anything I want and other questions like that. NOT trying to brag Im not a bratty typical spoiled girl. Ok. I go to a Internationl IB magnet studies school which Is right next to my apartments I live In Luxury apartments but Im not gonna put the full name out. Here are the stuff I have…

- I just went to a concert In December I went again last friday now im going to another one after my vacation front row seats.
- My mom Is a RN nurse who drives a 2012 C250 mercedes benz soon to be BMW next year In Feburary pays each month for the car and rent on the apartment.

- My mom payed $1, 500 for our couch that goes all the way around like the cube kind but its leather Idk how to explain.
- A huge flat screen In the living room
- Flat screen In my room
- Bought $245 comforter set with curtains for my room
- I have an Iphone 5 so does my mom and my sis has Iphone 4
- My own bathroom and walk In closet
- 3 Ihomes
- Uggs, Combat boots, converse, air jordan, and vans
- 3 laptops Vaio, Dell, and Macbook pro laptop
- My mom has the new 13 inch retina display Mac laptop
- My own treadmill
- My mom paid $10, 000 for her bed set pays 4, 000 for bed each month ( KING size bed )
- Flat screen In my mom room
- We have a big bathtub with teal brown crystal walls around It. In both of me and my mom bathroom.
- We have 3 Ipads
- I have 3 Ipods First generation touch, 4th generation white and black
- I shop at charlette rousse, wet seal, victoria secret, papaya.
- Me and my mom share stuff michael kor watches, bebe clothes, G-shock watches
- I have alot of victoria secret bags and some regular and some designer
- $1, 000 set suitcase
- My mom bought me a coach white $100 umbrella. Lol.
- We have a kitchen like the rich people house.
- We are also moving again next year into a million dollar house after our rent Is up.
- My mom has alot of heels and only wears them once, alot of dresses, boots over $2, 000.

So I just wanna know Im no way bragging or lying.

Added (1). Ok If your gonna be Immature and tell me to grow up you grow up! So immature answering If its so pointless.

Grow up you 11111

Obviously you're upper class if you're buying a million dollar house. Lower class would be like, dirt poor. Middle class would be like average, not dirt poor but can't afford everything you want either.

A MILLION dollar house? Are you serious? You are saying that and asking what class you are! A Coach UMBRELLA! You seem to me to be upper class. Appreciate it. A lot. Dont take it for granted. Also, "like the rich people house". Another duh?

I'd say upper-middle class because middle class typically makes 75k - 250k. As an Rn your mom might make about 100k - 150k if she is a specialized Rn.

If you measure social class on the basis of material possessions, then the upper class would be composed of rich pimps, thieves, thugs and criminals.

But the upper class possesses something you can't buy. You can be a criminal (lowest of the lowest in the social scale) but still buy clothes, cars, houses and even education and degrees. Does this make you classy? Nooooooo.

Class is something that you can't buy, but you can develop through the angelic qualities of gentleness, humility, modesty, kindness, altruism, calmness, self-control and the most important: respect. It's not related to richness or physical appearance, but is much more attractive than both.

Class is the opposite of aggression, envy, competitiveness, bragging, showing off, trespass, violation, fraud and anything that is bad, negative, dark.

Now that you know the secret, see if you can acquire it. Remember that respect and control of your instincts is the most important. Accept to respect other people's space and boundaries.

Upper middle class. I know what a RN makes and to do all that there must be another income stream coming in. To be in the upper class income range now days your mom would have to be bringing in at least $1, 000, 000.00 yearly. You and your mom are doing very well but 30 million in assets is rich. You have no people working for you, chauffeur, chef, gardner, pilot, personal trainer, etc. You know that you are not poor. Not rich, not poor but doing better than average middle class.

Stupid *** nice way to brag you spoiled brat