Are these coupons from real or fake?

I get snapchats showing a picture that I have won a coupon on IPhone 6 in June is it real?

It may be some advertising campaign for IPhone 6 preorder

I just got a coupon too. I don't really care whether it is real or fake; I don't really want an iPhone, but I must admit I'm curious.

Are you serious? Apple Inc. Has been in business for many years and is a highly respected company

not a scam. I have done my research and have spoken to some of the snapchat support in forum and we all agree this is for real.

You should know how to look this up before you go shopping.

Why do you not know that the site is located in the Ukraine, and is only about a week old? The site is not affiliated with Appple.

You should take a basic internet course.

Multiple reports have spoken of a IPhone 6 from Apple at the June event, so I starting to give them some credence 8)

Iphone 6 not yet released but I heard about pre-order on it. Gift cards and coupons one of way to make preorder.