Can a iPhone use Wifi instead of paying for Internet?

So my mom wants to get an iPhone, but she doesn't want to pay for the Internet. She wants it like an iPod where you can search for wifi and get in, But yet the iPhone lets you call and etc she wants that. I currently have an iPod, and she doesn't want an iPod cause you can't call. So some info would help? :T

Yes you can use wifi in iphone AS. MUCH AS you WANT TO

Yes just sign into the same wifi as your iPod

Unfortunately I have the same problem, I'm actually answering this question on my iPhone that uses wifi. You can use wifi for Internet, but it'll only be like a newer iPod touch. Sadly, since it's a smart phone, it will not work as a phone whatsoever without Internet. A way to kind of cheat that is if you download skype premium for only $2 a month, you can call mobile lines for it, but you'd need a wifi connection to use it.
I hope this helps at all!

Yes, you can use iphone to surf the net without paying for the Internet. Many establishments like some hotels, Starbucks and McDonald's gives a free access to the internet while you are using their services. I use my iphone all the time to surf the net without paying for it.