Can i get an iphone without signing a new contract?

I have a contract with verizon and it will be up in march. But i have an upgrade in november. I have a basic phone right now (no data plan) but i really want to get an iphone. Can i get a iphone with a data plan without signing a contract even though i don't have a data plan right now?

Yes but you will pay retail for the phone instead of 199.99 it will cost you double that.

If you have an upgrade, you can use that and get the iPhone at discounted price. If you buy the phone without contract now, you've to pay the full retail of the phone. And they'll add data plan to your current plan.

If you buy it outright from any retailer that sells them unlocked all you need to do is transfer your service from the sim card you're currently using to a nanosim. If the data plan is a higher rate than your current plan, you'll be able to change plan without starting a new contract (shouldn't break your current contract either)