Cheapest plan for Verizon iPhone?

I've had an iPhone for a few months and need to keep it. However, I think I'm going to get kicked off the family plan because my parents are furious with me for switching my college degree to something I actually want to do, so what's the bare-bones iPhone plan I can get? I can't afford anything above MAYBE 40… I know you have to have a data plan to have an iPhone, but can I get away with not having minutes or texting and just get a crappy pay-per-minute phone if I need to make a phone call? I'm dead broke right now.

Added (1). I don't want unlimited talk and text… I don't need any minutes or texts at all. I can get a cheap pay-per-minute phone from another carrier/wal-mart/etc. Could I just get away with paying for data and stop texting and talking? I'm fairly reclusive. I don't think I'd need it for that.

The cheapest Iphone plan with Verizon will cost $110 to $120 per month.

$40 for 1 smart phone line with unlimited talk and text.
$50 for 1GB of data.
25% to 30% for federal taxes and fees added onto the $90 for unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data.

You may want to get a prepaid phone that is not from Verizon. I suggest looking into Net10. $25 for 750 minutes or text messages with 30 service days.

You can not use a Verizon Iphone with any prepaid plans at this time.