Has anyone ever ported a number from a tracfone to an iPhone?

If so, how long did it take?

I have used Tracfone and Net10 for 11 years combined. I used Verizon for 2 of the 11 years I had a Net10 phone and just used the Net10 phone for a back up phone.

When I ported my phone number from my Verizon phone to my Net10 phone it took around 12 hours to port. The last 2 times that I ported my phone number from one Net10 phone to another Net10 phone it took less than 5 minutes to port.

I would guess that porting a phone number from Tracfone to a different provider should take around the same time that it takes to port a number to a Tracfone. It could take as little as 2 hours. But it usually averages 12 hours. If it has been over 24 hours you need to contact the provider of the Iphone to see how long it is going to take.

Sometimes it takes only a few minutes, usually it takes a few hours. It can take a few days if you were going from GSM to CDMA or vice versa.