How to earn 300 dollars in a week?

Ok well my mother is constanly on her iphone and dosent pay me anymind so i cant ask her for advice so id like to ask yahoo:) i rrally want these lebron shoes they are so cute and i neeeeddd them! Please tell me the fastest way to get them and btw im not old enough for job:(

Grow up then get a job

Mow your neighbors' lawns or walk their dogs or something for cash.


Pick up trash and recycle the cans for money.
Mow the lawn.
Ask your neighbors what chores you can do for money.

"lebron shoes they are so cute and i neeeeddd them"

Ya, right… What you NEED is to learn that consumerism is NOT sustainable.

GET A CLUE - your children will NOT be "better off" than YOU
because YOU used up mass quantities of resources that are non-renewable,
and therefore the next generation will be paying on loans that WE took.

its a sick sad world!

Please consider reducing your carbon foot-print.