How to get rid of an obsessed lesbian stalker? - 1

Hi, a few nights ago I get this random friend request on facebook from this girl. A couple weeks pass and we don't talk. Then I make a status that she comments on… Which leads to a short conversation. We exchanged numbers [bad idea] to talk. At fIrst she seemed decent and like a nice girl. But now… [the day after] she won't stop texting me… Calling me… And telling me how much she likes me. She calls me several times a day… Texts me things like "I miss you" 5 minutes after we hang up. I'm starting to get seriously creeped out.

She doesn't seem all there in the head… Help

How do I block her number via iPhone?


Added (1). Most of the people I meet online are all awesome and normal…

this is just a bizzare case

Hmmm… Someone who accepts friend requests from strangers has a problem with a stalker… What could have caused this?

Just block her.