How to get ringtones on my iPhone without iTunes?

I have the oldest crappiest computer ever and iTunes doesn't work on it. All I want is to have custom ringtones on my iPhone but this is really making me mad because everything I try doesn't work. Please help.

1Download the three program files from the links under "References" to make the Song Converter Suite.

2. Install and run these programs on your computer. They will allow you to extract ringtones from DVDs, video files and audio files.

3. Open the newly installed program, iPhone Video Converter Suite. Click "Add" on the upper left side of the window to load the audio or video file from which you will extract your new ringtone. These files should be in. MP3, .MP4, .mpeg, .aac or.wav formats, all of which are supported by and compatible with your iPhone.

4. Click "Settings" on the lower portion of the window to set the sample and bit rates of your files.

5. Click "Trim" to edit the length of your audio or video file. Select the portion of the file you want to use by setting its start and end times. Click "Reset" to program another ringtone.

6. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Double-click on iPhone PC Suite to activate it on your computer.

7. Click on "Personal" on the main menu of your iPhone, select "Ringtone" and then click on "New Ringtone.

8. Rename each new ringtone if you'd like to. Select the name of your new ringtone, which the computer will automatically upload or send to your iPhone.