How to restore iphone but not update?

Hello i have an iphone 4s currently running on ios 6.0.1 a day ago i had reboot my phone using sb setting and it didnt go back to jailbreak it stayed at apple logo and then it would go to a black screen and then repeat over and over again. So i did the force safemode and i been in it since so finally today i deicded to try to restore and re do the jailbreak but there is not jailbreak for ios 6.1.3 so i want to keep my firmware but just restore it im on on the newest itunes version and i have tried to change the host to the cydia server which is ( i did it and i still get error code 3194 btw my iphone is in dfu mode ive looked on youtube and i really don't want to update to 6.3.1 i dont know if i mentioned it but once itunes recognized that it was in recover mode i did the shift and right click and pick ios 6.0.1 and then once it got to verifying it said the error please help and if you know what to do leave a step by step i would love it

All iOS updates must be verified by Apple now and if it is not the most recent update, it won't let it install on your device. As this is a roadblock created by Apple to prevent jailbreaking, but you can get around this.

What you need to do is download TinyUmbrella and save your devices SHSH blobs. After saving your SHSH blobs, run the TSS server so the restore can take place without Apple interfering with it. After doing that, download the firmware you want to install on your device and plug the device in and push shift (windows) and I think command on Mac and select the firmware file.

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