How to transfer photos from my Iphone to my Samsung Galaxy S3?

I recently updated from an Iphone 4 to the new Samsung Galaxy S3, I had the photos transferred over when y contacts were transfered but somewhere along the line my whole folder with the Iphone photos were deleted, how do i re-transfer the pictures from my Iphone to the Galaxy myself?

You could plug the iPhone into your computer, copy all the pics. Plug the galaxy into your computer and paste them onto it.

Bluetooth all the pics across.

Download drop box onto both devices. Upload all the pics to your drop box account download all the pocs from box drop to your galaxy. ( drop box is basically a password locked online hard drive)

Option 1:
Get drop box on both devices from the market of each. Hook up your iPhone to wifi since you don't have a network connected to it anymore and sign it to drop box on both devices. On your iPhone: upload all the pictures you want to a folder in drop box. After that's done and finished go to your gs3 in drop box and download them from there. It should be very easy.

Option 2:
Plug iPhone into computer and try to transfer the pictures to you desktop (Google it: P) from there plug in your phone and move them to you phones sd, you can find it by clicking on the drive…

Hope I helped, if there is anything you don't understand just google it.

Try making sure its deleted before you do this.

If they're still on the i-phone then get a wifi connection, highlight all your photos on the i-phone and send via e-mail. Then you can easily transfer the pictures from a computer to your galaxy s3 or access the pictures via a wifi connection to the galaxy s3 and open the e-mail. The g-mail app sucks so you'd have to select 'all mail' on the top left tab.

Btw nice choice going for android over apple. The privacy violations with apple's iphone is getting ridiculous. And you have a far bigger selection of apps.don't get scammed though, you're now out in the big bad world of unfiltered, unrestricted apps. I advise getting the antivirus app called Avast

Maybe you should have got the iPhone 5 instead and it would have been much easier.

Firstly, you have to transfer iPhone to your computer, here I recommend iStonsoft iPhone to computer transfer.

here is the YouTube:

then you can move photos to your Samsung with cable.

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