How to unlock my neighbors wifi?

I have an iPhone and a ps3 and I just moved and I can't get Internet for a while so I want to borrow my neighbors but its locked is there any way of hacking it or a password that will unlock it?

Sorry mate shouldent discus this here question will get deleted although if you know the provider look it up see if there is any exploits ;)

Yeah, go over there and ask. He locked it so you don't steal it, but might be kind.

There is a way but that is STEALING!

So don't, and if I was your neighbor I would find a way to get you in trouble if I found out you were stealing my wifi. Go to a FREE hotspot.

Well you could be a good neighbor and go over to their house and ask them for the password. Surely they'll give it to you, given that most people are scared to be rude and will do small favors for you if you ask them.

If you want to be a dick and steal their wifi try this:
Open up your laptop and power it on.

Scan the desktop, after the laptop boots into the operating system, and look for the icon that indicates wireless service. It varies between computers and operating systems. Check the lower-right corner of the screen, since it most often appears there, especially on Windows-based computers.

Right-click the wireless icon and wait for the menu to pop up. From the menu, select "Available Wireless Networks," or something similar, and review the list of available networks within range.

Select the wireless network of choice. A pop-up window appears requesting your password to unlock the Wi-Fi network.

Insert the password into the appropriate field. A secure Wi-Fi network requires a password for access. If visiting an Internet café, a bookstore or coffee shop, these retail outlets usually provide a free Wi-Fi network, access to which may require a password. Request the password from a staff member to access the Internet. If at home, locate the password on the bottom of the wireless router, or ask the person who configured the router for the password.

Click "Enter" after inserting the password into the appropriate field. This should bring up the Internet.

Also to get the password for your ps3 once connecting to the wifi network try going to and if they have a netgear router it will take you to a login area if it is not then try putting the networks ip in the search bar. The userneame and password should either be
Username: admin
Password: admin


Username: admin
Password: password

This is illegal and I do not condone any of the activities listed above.

and do not be a douchebag and change your neighbors wifi password. You're already stealing their internet.

Let me explain how WiFi works.

WiFi is not unlimited, you cant borrow it.

In most home network applications the wireless router connects your local group of computers and devices known as the LAN with the Internet, commonly called the WAN or Wide Area Network.

The WAN speed is determined by the ISP and is measured in Mbps (Millions of bits per second).

For example if your neighbor pays for a 3 Mbps DSL Internet connection, they get 3 Mbps.

This Internet connection bandwidth is shared by their entire LAN via the wireless router.

For example if you "borrow / steal" their WiFi and use 2.5 Mbps of the bandwidth to stream a Netflix movie that only leaves a paltry 0.5 Mbps for all of the rest of the users on your neighbor's LAN.

While you enjoy your free movie, your neighbors systems slow to a crawl.

For this reason most people set up wireless security on their wireless router requiring a password to connect. So people like you don't leach off of their connection.

There are currently three types of wireless security commonly in use, WEP. WPA and WPA2.

It is easy to find a WEP cracker on the Internet, however you'll likely find as many open systems as you will find still using WEP.

Anyone can hack WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy is very old dating back to 1999 and has serious security flaws. WEP can be cracked in minutes with modern hardware and provides very minimal security.

Good wireless security such as WPA or WPA2 with complex passwords is very difficult to hack. There is no simple program that will give you the password. If there were then the security offered by the system would be rendered moot.

In any case it is illegal to connect to a secured system without permission and you may be prosecuted.

FYI: If you are going to do something illegal, asking for instructions on the Internet is not a good idea.

Good Luck…