I messed up my netgear router how do I fix it?

I own a N600 netgear router and it worked fine until i tried to change the settings to it online by connecting to 192.168.X.X. What i tried to change was the qos settings or the wmm crap then when i clicked "apply" it screwed up my connection and it doesn't work anymore since.whenever i make an attempt to connect to the wifi it says the signal is strong but nothing will frekin load up. It's like the router isn't cooperating with the modem, but the modem works. The only problem is i can no longer use wifi at all, meaning no online gaming, iphone, ipod connection, etc. I already unplugged the router and modem completely from everything twice and the issue still exists. I think i disabled the router or something. And i already tried to connect to http://192.168.X.X but it won't show up because i'm currently using the wired connection to my own desktop computer without the router. What can i possibly do to fix this issue?

Disconnect the power cable from the back of your Netgear router, and verify that all the operating lights are off and that the router is completely powered down.

On the backside of your Netgear wireless router, view and find the small "Reset" entry hole located just to the left of the readyshare USB port.

Using a small tool like the end of a paperclip press down and hold the "Reset" button for 30 seconds while the Netgear router is completely powered up.

This will reset Netgear wireless router and clear any previously stored information within the routers memory back to its original factory settings.

You can reset the router, there will be a small hole on the back that says reset, use a ball point pen and press in the hole and hold it in for 10 - 15 seconds while the router is on, when you let go the reset button it will reboot and will now be on the settings it had when it was brand new, you just have to set it up again like you did when it was new