IOS 7 Beta 6 In iPhone 4S (white), Boot Screen Colour?

Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask that if i install iOS 7 beta 6 in my iPhone 4S (white), Will i get white boot screen with black apple logo or black boot screen with white apple logo ( usual )? I prefer white boot screen with black apple logo. But i don't know whether i get black or white but my iPhone is white colour.

Thanks In Advance!

Added (1). I Have Already Registered As Dev In Apple For 1 Year! So Its Safe! But White Or Black? Which Boot Animation Will I Get?


There is no Beta version of the software. This is either a developer's pre-release version (which is either cracked or requires you to pay the $99 for the license) or it's a fake which could brick your phone.

The real iOS7 is due out this fall, I'd STRONGLY suggest waiting for the real version comes out lest you suffer the heartbreak of so many Y! A users who come here begging for help because the fake iOS7 bricked their phone.

@Additional - Ah. Then you're safe. I was concerned because there are tons of people complaining on how the fakes have bricked a $600 phone and turned it into a hipster's paperweight.

And since I've not bothered with the developer's version (not having the programming skills to code my way out of a wet paper subroutine) sadly I don't know what splash screen you're likely to get.