IPhone 4s works but screen is black - HELP*?

I dropped my phone today. All of a sudden, my phone is black. I have tried holding lock and home, doesn't work. Plugged it in, doesn't work. I can still hear my text messages, mail, phone calls, I feel the vibrate and hear it, I just can't see anything.

It sounds like the screen isn't working. I would take it to apple and see what they say. If you insurance they can replace the screen or maybe the whole phone.

Most likely a broken screen, try putting it in dfu mode and out of dfu mode and see if it works and if it doesnt then that would be a broken screen If you don't know how to put it in dfu mode there are many youtube vids explaining how

You might have to replace the LCD screen or the flex cable of it is broken.

my screen is just black but I can hear my texts and everything come through and my lock button is broken and usually if hold the lock button in hard enough and the home button it will reboot but no its not.