IPhone apps are stuck on waiting IOS 7!

Everytime i try to dowload an app directly to my phone, it never goes anywhere and it just says "waiting".It does the same thing when i update apps. I remember having the same problem back in ios 4 but that was usually resolved with a restart. I've dome then several times including a hard reset. When i download it on itunes and transfer it over, all my apps in my folders get kicked out because I have ios 7 and itunes does not recognize it yet. I think it may be an ios 7 bug that my apps are stuck. My ipad sometimes has this problem too. I cant seem to find anything helpful online. Does anyone else have ios 7 and can help me with this problem?

IOS 7 isn't even official yet so it using that then you have to deal with the problems.

Is your UDID registered? A lot of people have reported problems like this when they run iOS 7 without registering their device's UDID with a developer account through a site like http://www.udid.in/.It's $5, and then you also don't need to worry about Apple disabling your device for running unreleased software.