Is national consumer center really giving me a free iphone 5?

So I was on my coke awards and all of a sudden this website add said that 'I just won a free iphone 5'
and they want my mailing info
are they like real? Or is it just some random pop up add that isn't to trust?
what do I do? Please help! And the site is called National Consumer Center

Oh my god. Natalia, please, never trust these advertisements! If you have then your mailing address that was a bad idea.

I was doing my research on computer studies and all of the sudden this website add saying that I have just won and I have to choose between 1000 visa,apple ipad and apple Iphone 5s than I choose iphone5. Is this real? This site is called National Consumer Center


It's fake!

Oh my god. Its fake ah

It s make any problem?

It is fake they tock 65 dollars

Idk it could be real

i was watching movies and something said you just won a ipad air 2 so i put in the infomation and i didnt get a ipad air 2 so it is fake