My iPhone 4 is stuck on silent?

Is there a way to fix this problem before I have to be raped by apple or my provider to fix it? Please, if I get one response to check the mute button on the side of my phone, I will punch someone in the face. I know I have sound. My alarm works, my speaker phone works, I can play music. Otherwise, my phone doesn't ring. I have no sound on any of my apps. I have tried by googling, the few options that I could find. I have tried "jacking off" my phone with the headphone plug. I will say, a couple times while jacking off my phone I have heard life for maybe about half a second, but still nothing. Anything else I can try?

This problem usually occurs after using the headphone jack on the phone.
The phone still thinks that the headphones are plugged. I bet that if you plug your ear buds in that you will get sound. I can't remember the exact fix (use google) but I bet that is your problem.