Reconditioned iPhone 5 from Straight Talk?

I am thinking about buying an iPhone from Straight Talk. I was going to get the iPhone 4 but saw that a reconditioned iPhone 5 was just 50 dollars more? Should I get the 5 or stick with the 4?

IPhone 5.It'll be more of a battery hog, but it's faster.

KEEP READING. I'm about to tell you a story about Straight Talk…

I've been with Sh*t Talk (as I affectionately call them) for 4 years. Never had any issues with them (except that you can never understand anyone when you call them) until I got a smartphone. Then sh*t began to hit the fan…
Its been about a year of me having smartphones through them (got a cheap android at first, highly regretted that, then later bought a much better one). I have had my service shut completely off twice, due to 'high data usage' they say. Really, huh, I have Opera Mini web browser that saves me (and Sh*t Talk) 90% of data usage than if I was using the stock browser. When I called to have my service turned back on the first time, I was met with rudeness and a long-winded lecture about data usage (which, even though it's unlimited, it obviously has a hidden data cap. It gets better. NOWHERE does it list how much the data cap is, and no one will tell you how much it is, they will deny it even though many MANY people have had their service shut off, some even permanently) and hung up on 3 times and put on hold for nearly an hour when I asked to speak to a manager, which I never did because I got sick of waiting and hung up. I learned quick from my mistake and now I call the Tracfone Florida headquarters instead (they own Sh*t Talk and speak ENGLISH) at 18008765753. They are much more helpful and tons nicer. They turned my service back on, no questions asked, no lectures, no snottyness, just good service.

Of course, some people have reported that they've never had issues with ST. I hate those people, boy do I envy their guts, ha. But for the amazing service price, remember… You'll probably get what you pay for.

Get the iPhone 5.