Sprint iPhone 4S, can I use on straight talk?

I just bought a sprint iPhone 4S, I called straight talk and asked if it would work if I got a straight talk micro SIM card and if I would get service everywhere I do now with my AT&T android, her answer was yes it would definitely work. I've seen a million different answers on google tho. Has anyone tried this or is doing it now? Please give me and answer and explanation. Thank you!(:

Added (1). The iPhone I bought today HAS A MICRO SIM CARD SLOT.

Short answer, no. Here is why. The iPhone 4s from sprint is a CDMA phone. Meaning the phone is locked to sprints service, and does not use a sim card, same with verizon wireless. In order to use the iPhone 4s with straight talk, you need a GSM iPhone. GSM carrirers use sim cards. Examples of these would be AT&T, and T-mobile.So, in order for you to do this, you need to get a GSM iPhone 4s, from AT&T or T-mobile. I do know, you can go to wal mart, and purchase the iPhone 5 with straight talk service, sadly you have to pay full price for the phone, but you get to make small monthly payments if you use a walmart credit card.

The previous answer posted is not correct. Straight Talk uses both GSM and CDMA networks depending on the phone you have. The lease cell access from both Verizon and AT&T.

I've found the latter to be true. The phone can be unlocked. You tube it. The answer is there…

I have a SIM card in my iPhone 4S so are you saying I can't put a straight talk sim in it? And if I do it won't work even if I jailbreak it?