Trying to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 beta 5, but not updating?

I downloaded the iOS 7 beta 5 CDMA file off of and I tried updating my phone with the file and my iTunes has been saying "Verifying updated iPhone software" for almost 20 minutes, and my phone screen turned black with the Apple and updating status bar but the update isn't starting. Help!

and I do not have a UDID

Added (1). I also have been using iOS 7 beta 3 for a while but it didn't update to beta 4 or 5 which is why I tried downloading beta 5 directly.

It's a BETA. An unfinished product. The reason Apple didn't release it yet isn't because they're trying to reward people who pay them, it's because there are still bugs. Stop trying to use it on your primary phone.

Did you try going into DFU mode? You have to get beta 4 then beta 5, there's no possible way to directly download beta 5 because in beta 3 they patched the udid glitch and anyone who wasn't through already can't go through. I'm happily beta 5 because I got beta 4 right when they released it before it was patched from direct download.

You can try beta 6 I did that just 3 days ago successfully. Only difference is I have the iPhone 5 and it's GSM not CDMA. The first time I tried beta 6, iTunes kept throwing me an error. So I downloaded the file from a different place and no problems or issues with that one. Hope this gets you up and running best wishes.

It's not safe to install iOS 7 with a UDID registration. I did my 4S through and they literally registered it instantly. It's $5, and then you don't need to worry about Apple disabling your device for running unreleased software.

Beta 6 is the newest one. Should probably update to that one


Download this program.! 1FMQxahK! VA9McxBlXyzpMz65NR68jWa507YZFvfXrFUG3T6Rd9k

Next, download this. It is the ios 7 beta 5 iPhone 4 CDMA dmg.

On this page, choose ios 6.1.3 for iPhone 4 CDMA.

When it finishes downloading, open it with the DMG Extractor you downloaded. Click extract. Extract it to wherever you want. Find the.ipsw file and put it on your desktop.

Next, connect your phone and restore it to the latest ios 6.1.3 with iTunes. After that, hold Shift and click check for update. Wait for it to be restored.

After that, go to Settings - General - Check for Update - and you can upgrade to ios 7 beta 6. You can also gt any future updates with this method.

What version is your iPhone? If it's A1332 you need gsm rev a not CDMA

Hey! If you had beta 3 you just had to go to Settings > General > Software Updates > Download and Instal and you would have the lates beta hope it gelped