Turn current Verizon iPhone to prepaid?

I currently have an Verizon iPhone 4G
And well my plan is getting canceled in 2 days.
They told my dad that If he did that he could make my iPhone prepaid in Verizon a day or 2 before my service gets cancelled.
But now when we call they told us I had to buy a new one, or get in unlock ect… Completely confusing us.

Is there anyway I could keep my current Verizon iPhone but make it prepaid still in Verizon?
Maybe even keep my same number?
Help! :(

verizon does NOT offer the iPhone on their prepaid plans

if you want a prepaid iPhone you have to go through companies like Virgin Mobile or Cricket.

Verizon won't do that; iPhones are data hogs.AT&T gets mad when you try to make GoiPhones, but it's a lot easier to do so. You'll probably have to try another carrier like Metro PCS if you don't keep the contract going.