Which is better metro pcs or virgin mobile?

I'm looking to get a galaxy s4 or an iphone 5. I am okay with getting either one, as of now i am looking to enter one of the 2 providers. I need to get a 4g plan and i want the cheapest for now. Im looking into the virgin mobile for $35 a month, or the metro pcs plan for $40 a month. Which one is better for the galaxy S4 and which one is best for me? I use about 2 emails a day, i browse wifi around 30 min a day, and, i dont stream any music or movies. So which one fits me best? I live in the atlanta area.both phones cost around the same.best answer gets 10 points!

Added (1). Oh and i want unlimited talk and text

I'd recommend Ting - they have 4G in Atlanta. Ting uses the same network as Virgin Mobile but Virgin does not have roaming. Ting gives you free voice roaming on Verizon so you get much more coverage with Ting service.

Ting has the Galaxy S4 on their site and they have pretty low rates, especially when you use WiFi. With Ting, you don't pick a plan and just get billed for which ever tier of usage you fall under for that month - some examples:

1. $14 a month - 100 minutes, 1, 000 texts.
2. $20 a month - 500 minutes, 1, 000 texts.
3. $23 a month - 500 minutes, 2, 000 texts.
4. $26 a month - 500 minutes, 4, 000 texts.

Their data rates are about average and using WiFi is free, plus Ting also gives you $25.00 off if you click the link below before you sign up:


If you check out their site today but don't sign up until 3 - 4 weeks from now, use that link when you actually sign up to get the $25 discount.