Why are americans so stupid?

I'm a British, and I recently discovered that americans are:
Potheads, dumb, superficial, smug etc.
Just think about it "WORLD trade center"! Like they're the center of the world! The trade center in China is much bigger!
New York: "the BIG APPLE!"
A guy I know was in america and a guy with a job you have to be smart to get asked him if England has cellphones… I can bet you every 3rd English has an iPhone 4 or 5, or at least an iPhone. Americans seems to just have those crappy flip phones thingy… Haven't seen any of those in England since '07.
Also, America is in millions and millions and millions of dollars in debt to China, while England has billions and billions of money stored, and probably countries owes us money too.
America invented the site FMyLife.com, and every FML from America I read, I more and more think: "What the HELL were they thinking! I mean I'm really stupid, but I'd NEVER do anything THAT stupid!"…
I know an american (he's cool, works for the post office… ). He wants to live in England, and he describes Homer Simpson as the "average american"… Which means half the population is dumber…
In some states you can drive at the age of 16… No wonder there are more car crashes in america than in England…
After watching many american tv shows and movies, I see theirs not one movie or tv show that has a ton of douche bags… England has so many douche bags too, but american douche's just takes it too far…
Just look at the american reaction to 2012… England: not a thing.
Trust me, I have more! But what the hell is wrong with america?

You are silly

Because we have it all. Spoiled people take advantage of everything.

Big girls don't cry.

Lack of global education, some even think that Europe is a country,

Trust me. Media loves to depict the US as dumb, aggressive, and just plain arrogant. But goodness, you must be truly dumb, as much of an idiot as you describe the average American, if you believe that. Sure there ARE dumb people here, as there are PLENTY of dumb British there. The World Trade Center was named that because several years ago, New York was the biggest trade center in the world. If anything, I believe that you're pointing out some of the most ignorant and pointless details, like how we all don't have iPhones but instead "crappy flip phone thingy" 's? I'm sorry, but I don't understand how someone's phone would determine if they were either an "american douche" or could be described as Homer Simpson.

I don't mind if you call most American's stupid (Which is actually pretty true) just don't categorize all of us as that though. There's plenty of smart people here too. Inform yourself to more than just American media (which by the way is in fact flooded by douchebags.)

Great, stay in England. Or do they not want you either

I'm Offended.

Don't cry here… Also, didn't you already ask this recently?

Stereotypical much? OF COURSE americans are dumb because we of course invented iPhone to computer to TV and pretty much everything else that you have over there in England so how are we the Americans dumb. Oh wait you did invent castles and medieval warfare so I'll give you credit for that one. You just don't like is because we are the ones that made a free country and the whole world followed in our footsteps including England in the least we do have a prime minister queen has no actual power.