Why do people prefer Samsung Galaxy over iPhone?

I have an iPhone 5 and I love it.
I wouldn't even want to have a Samsung Galaxy s4 even if it's free.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't see anything that Galaxy has but iPhone does not.
For example, the Apple brand is already a luxury comparing to Samsung.
Apple iTunes have more apps than Android.
iPhone is a popular phone than Samsung.
iPhone's overall appearance is Way better than Galaxy (that's just my personal preference).
iPhone has a better quality than Samsung (material-wise).

Maybe the only advantage that Galaxy has are that it has a bigger screen and faster processor. Besides that, I don't see why Galaxy is better than iPhone. Also, I think iPhone's screen is big enough for me and Apple processor is not slow at all.
So, I'll appreciate it if you can tell me why you prefer Galaxy over iPhone!

I pretty much agree with you. The Galaxy is a great phone with lots of computing power, speed, battery life, etc. The iPhone however has a much simpler and fun to use OS and hands down is a higher quality build. The reason people like the Galaxies is because they are powerful, and big. That's about it, but that can make the difference for some. I also use a 5 and think its very fast, beautiful, and easy to use. I also love the screen size; its just perfect.

Honestly my friend showed me his galaxy s4 and I thought it was better than my iphone

Let's see:

1. Android phones in general (not just Samsung Galaxy) have more customization, with emulators, widgets, custom ROMS, etc.

2. Expandable storage via Micro SD cards.

3. Materials don't really matter. Who cares if it's aluminum vs plastic? They both serve the same purpose.

4. "Apple being a luxury" is just not true. It's just higher priced.

5. Honestly I've been seeing more and more people with Samsung phones than iPhones recently.

6. The only reason iPhones are so popular is because they're "simple". Which is why non-techy people buy them. If you're someone like me who likes to mess around on their phone, iPhones are useless without a jailbreak.

7. Even if Apple has more apps, Android has the same apps for the more popular ones.

Apple products are for people who want technology, but are unconcerned about what goes on "under the hood" to borrow an automotive expression. Apple customers are more concerned with style & appearance than performance.
Every App except one that I have on my Galaxy are free. Many of the equivalent iPhone Apps are paid.
iTunes is a complete pain in the neck.iTunes is engineered for one thing: to get you to buy Apple content.
There is no caller blocking App for the iPhone.
I can access the battery in my Galaxy without voiding the warranty.
My Galaxy Bluetooth is a lot more flexible than limited iPhone Bluetooth connectivity.
Luxury? Only if luxury=overpriced.
My Galaxy is faster & has a bigger screen.

Everyone likes to argue about whatever they use. They claim having it open is better but the iphone is far more secure because of the fact that everything in the appstore gets reviewed first. You dont even need a virus checker like other phones need, its extremely safe and that keeps it from becoming windows #2. Just like windows most dont even know they have a virus on it.

F-Secure, an anti-virus software producer, has released a report that details the saturation of malware content in mobile devices, and it turns out, Android platform was responsible for a whopping 79 percent of all malware intrusions in 2012. Android was also host to 96 percent of the intrusions in the fourth quarter alone.