Activation, This iPhone is currently linked with an apple id?

I had installed ios7 on my iphone 4s and then tried to restore it to 6.1.3 but when the phonee was restored it gave me a message saying "This phone is currently linked with an apple id (a*** i have tried about a 100times my apple id and password but it not getting activated n Yes i m entering my right username and password. Then i called apple care and asked then to look into my id and they said that the id does not exists. Now my iphone is stuck on activation process. I then registered myself with UDID code thru a website for $5 and still getting the same message. Please could ne1 tell me what happened to my iphone

Same thing happened to me. At the moment there is no way to get around with that problem unless official ios 7 is launches in september. Then apple care will be able to help you activate this iphone.