After the ios7 update my iphone4 is so slow?

I updated my iphone last night but it is so slow now. I had to delete a lot of apps to just update my phone so I'm now trying to readd the apps but it has taken a total of about 2 hours just for the phone to work properly
Any help?

Added (1). I have 3.3gb left to use

'cause ios7 is the worst ios ever! It is full of bug!
you have to change your iphone, it is the apple's marketing…

Your phone will run slow if memory is close to being full. That is just the way devices function. Clear out message threads and emails.

I currently have the 4s so not much newer than you and now defined as an 'old' phone by Apple, i updated last night and everything seemed fine at first but now it is pretty slow and I have loads of space left, it also drains the battery very quickly and drops connection a lot.

I am sure that Apple will have an update for this soon, there will be bug fix updates as there always are with these things but I agree with the poster who said this is Apple marketing, it is slower because the processor is not really designed to handle an Ios that is this powerful.

This left me thinking I may actually go back to 6.1 because it run much better, as it happens I have just finished my contract so will be upgrading my phone and giving the 4s to my daughter and she can decide if she wants to keep ios7 or not.

For me had I not been due an upgrade I would have simply ditched ios7 because I would rather have something than runs smoothly and flawlessly than something that is new but doesn't run as well.

I have iPhone 4 as well, and a couple things were very slow, especially iMessage when typing texts.

Here is how you can fix it.

Go to Settings.
Go to iCloud.
Go to Documents and Data.
Toggle the switch from On to Off, then do it again toggle it On to Off.

Also, double-click the Home button so you see all your apps in your Queue that you have used, and Flick all the apps UP and out of your Queue. Always keep your Queue clear of as many apps as possible if you are not using them.

Power down your iPhone (full power off) then power it back up and things should be much better.