Am I all set for IOS 7 and how long will it take for me to download it?

When I download IOS 7 this fall if Will i have to login to my apple ID once it's ready on
my Iphone 4S and redownload my apps and music from going in to ITunes App Store from the iPhone or will everything be there one te download is done and how long will it take to download it? Once again only answer if you work for the apple company not from the store

You will be able to install iOS 7 just fine. If you want to install it right away, you can register your device's UDID with a site like's $5, and then you can install the beta before everyone else.

Don't listen to the other guy you don't even have to pay. Google iOS 7 Beta 2, download it for your device, then install it. If you do it with Beta 2 it is free and you get the rest of the updates over WiFi.

Don't listen to any of those 2. Do not upgrade to beta iOS 7 you will just run into countless problems and could end up breaking your phone. Do as you said and wait for it to release this fall. You should be able to upgrade very quickly depending on the amount of data is on your phone since the last back up ie messages and apps. I do a back up the night before I upgrade knowing I will have a smooth and fast upgrade.