Any good Free Roam or Open World iPhone Games?

Anything like The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, Order and Chaos online or GTA / Gangstar will be appreciated! :D
I asked this because all the forums and threads i have seen are about 2 - 3 years old and out of date. If you leave a link can you please make sure it is no older than 6 months? Thanks in advance!

Added (1). Forgot to mention, Money isnt a problem - i got a voucher for christmas:)

You can get GTA 3 for Iphone but it costs money

GTA 3 and Vice City are out for the iPhone.

I'm looking for the samething as you and found some pretty good games. If you liked The Dark Knight Rises, then you should try Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. It's only $0.99 cause of the holiday sale. Also there are Epic Citadel, Aralon, Earth and Legend. There's also GTA: CTW and it's also on sale, although it's not 3D.