Are the Iphone 5 (earpod) headphones good?

Whats better my InK'd in ear headphones (Skullycandy- with mic) OR the new earpod headphones that come with the iphone 5

Added (1). BTW the Skullcandy headphones sell for around 15$ and the earpods sell for around $30 on ebay (new)

Added (2). Lol i have me some Beats all ready. This is for my bro. I am not going to go buy him 200$ headphones

Pfftt. Nevermind that pile of crap.


The new earbuds from Apple for $79 are rated really well on many sites. They did a good job. One thing that is nice about Apple is that they warranty the earbuds for 1 year. This is a good thing because so many earbuds go kaput in months. What happens is that people make a spend for 2-3 earbuds adding up to right around $79 including tax. I don't know about Skullcandy and I never will, don't like the name. Just me. Anyway I don't think you can do better than RHA MA450 earbuds in the Apple Store for $45 USD. This brand is out of Scotland and they warranty their earbuds for 3 years. They have a generous return policy and outstanding sturdy product. The sound quality is fantastic. I would suggest you check them out.


Rule of thumb: Skullcandy and sellout rapper-endorsed headphones are All fashion accessories that sound like shít, break easily and make you look like quite the douche.
The EarPod headphones sure are a step-up from the last ones, though. And yes… They are better than the shitty Skullcandy earbuds.