Beats by Dre Studio 2013 No Sound?

Before concluding that they were broken, thought I'd look online and slap on this question to see if I was missing something.

I bought a pair of beats by dre studio, plugged them into both my laptop and my IPhone 5, and there's no sound.
-The wires are all the way in
-The batteries are internal, so the beats must be charged, which they are, as indicated by the LEDs
-I hit the on-button. I'm not sure if they turned on, as I don't see any sort of sign that they are on.
-They are not muted as I'm not holding the "b" so…

You would think headphones work by simply plugging in the wire and turning on some music.
Am I missing something or are these beats broken?

Seem broken.

read instructions; consider warranty; return to store.

prob over priced anyway.

google the problem.


CR likes a $40 pair, in the ear; not Dre's.

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Have you installed the cd that came with it?

Most headphones work even without cds though. But check anyway.

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