Can a stolen iPhone 5 be used?

A woman stole my iphone 5 nearly two weeks ago at Gamestop. It was recorded on a security camera and the detective knows all of her information because she used a credit card in the store. He has to get an arrest warrant before he can go to her house though. I reported this phone as stolen to AT&T and gave the police department my phone's serial number but I'm worried she will try to sell it. Will anyone even want to buy this phone? It won't even turn on. Is it possible to "jailbreak" it? I know she can't sell it to a pawn shop or put her own sim card in it but is there still a way someone could use it? Thanks!

No not if you report a stolen iphone, they will shut down the iphone, and it wont be able to be used

Yes because even if not used as a phone they can still use it like an ipod touch and just use it with wifi.