Can an iPhone and galaxy sIII video chat?

I need a new phone as I have a brick and I am deciding between the iPhone 5 and the galaxy sIII. I am leaning towards the galaxy but the only thing stopping me is that all my friends have iPhones (I'm in college). I am fine with not having the iMessage app but I would want to be able to video chat with my friends with iPhones. Is that possible from a galaxy sIII to an iPhone 4, 4s, or 5?

You can't FaceTime or video chat with an app that came with you phone when you first got it with them. But what you can do is download Skype or oovoo to video chat.

Yes, but not with facetime
you can use Skype, Fring, or dozens of other video chat apps, which are available for both the Galaxy and iPhones

You can use skype to video chat between iPhone and Galaxy SIII.