Can apple tell if my iphone 5 has been jailbroken?

I have an iphone 5, software version 6.0.1. My volume down button is broken, and i have apple care. If i take it to the apple store to get a replacment phone, can they tell if it has been jailbroken even if i do a reset all settings restore? Thanks

Also, ive had a friend with applecare that had a broken lock button. He just took it in and they saw it was broken, gave him a new one on the spot. Is it being jailbroken before a restore even something i should worry about them finding?

If you restore, choose set up as new and do not restore to any backup, the phone should be clean.

If you skip a step, there might be some remainders from jailbreak.

Yes, there is no way to delete all the files the jailbreak puts on no matter how many times you restore
Warranty is void.

Bs, if you root your iPhone you can remove any files you want! Hell my friend took an AT&T iPhone hacked it an made it so he could put any carrier SIM card in the iPhone an get service! You tools don't know any thing about hacking the iPhone! You just use the jailbreak software!