Can I downgrade my IOS 6.1.3 software to IOS 6.1.2?

After I jailbroke my iphone, a recent update popped up and I installed it. This update being IOS 6.1.3. Therefore, this deleted Cydia and i was wondering if/when i could get it back. Thanks

On iPhones I kind of doubt it,
You will have to take it to a Apple store.
Cydia might be kind of up dating their program.
Check back with the app store and see if they got a new version of it.

I have tried to do a downgrade and i know it was a whole process to do and there was a possibility it would not even work. Apple tries to keep people from downgrading so that your device can not be jailbroken. Best bet is to look on youtube, someone will have a video about it.

I'm sure there's a way to downgrade it, there always it. It just takes a little bit of googling and most likely a bit of time to actually do it.

It's either that, or wait for a jailbreak release of this current IOS version, usually doesn't take too long. You should have already known that upgrading the software would erase your jailbreak, it's pretty common knowledge to anyone who has done any research on it.

Your best bet in the future is to either avoid upgrading at all unless you have to, or just wait until there's a jailbreak release, and then upgrade it afterwards.

The release for the 6.1.3 is out but it's not released just yet. I watched the video eariler. Sucks that I paid to jailbreak and unlock my phone but can't use it until it's been released.