Can I swap my iPhone 4s sim card into a Samsung galaxy s3?

Looking to swap phones, and was not sure if the data allowances etc will be affected, anybody know the answer and if I will get any issues?

Yes they both accept a micro sim but the SGS 3 may object as it is an IP4S cast off!

Tariff (contract information) is associated with the sim card and NOT the phone, which is the physical part or interface to the contract

No issues nothing is affected at all but… For all the iPhone owners out there they may not realise what this is or does

Samsung Class Micro Extreme Speed

£22.00 for another 32GB, whereass before you would have had to but a whole new phone just to get the memory…

Yes, they both use Micro-SIMS, so you can switch between both. Most modern smartphones now come with Micro-SIM slots as it allows the manufacturer to make the device a bit slimmer

Both of these phone support micro sim, you can use it