Can i switch my verizon iPhone 4 to straight talk?

I just bought out my contract for my Verizon iPhone 4. I want to switch it to straight talk but I do not know how… So I guess, the question I am asking is, is it even possible and if so, what are the steps I need to take to do so… Please be specific… I am clueless.

Check out the website about switching phones. They may or may not charge you.

the verizon iPhone 4 is a CDMA only phone
the only phones that you can switch to Straight Talk is a GSM phone from AT&T, T-Mobile, or a unlocked GSM phone, by installing a Straight Talk SIM card (the Verizon iPhone 4 doesn't take a SIM)

No it is not possible. If you wish to use an iPhone on StraightTalk's service, you must either purchase one that is already programmed for StraightTalk or purchase an iPhone 3 or older and use StraightTalk's sim card program.

Then Maybe you can call straighttalk then ask them. You probably can, I think you will have to flash your phone.

Yes, you can get the Verizon iPhone 4 flashed to StraightTalk. And you should have the CDMA connection from StraightTalk, not GSM as iPhone 4 from Verizon doesn't take SIM. You can mail this person ( who can help you get the phone flashed to StraightTalk.