Can the LifeProof iPhone case go underwater? - 1

Okay so today is my fourteenth birthday and I got a pink LifeProof case for my iPhone 4.It said that it could go six feet underwater so I wanted to jump in the pool with it and film underwater and stuff. I did the water test where you submerge the case in a sink full of water without the phone in it for an hour then take it out to see if any water got in. I took it out and the inside was completely dry so I know it's works. But my dad won't let me jump in the pool with it because he says it's only for if it accidentally gets splashed or something. I told him it says that it goes six feet underwater and he's like "well a bullet-proof vest says it will protect you from bullets but would you want to put one on and have me shoot you?" and I'm like well no but that's different… Like come on dad it's my birthday and YOLO hahaha but he still says no and that it's too risky. Can someone please back me up here and tell him it's safe to jump in the pool with?

Yes of course you can film and do whatever you want with your iPhone underwater. There's nothing wrong with it since you have the case. Did you check out their website? They have pictures of someone filming underwater lol so yes it's safe but just don't go too deep because it says 6.6 feet. It even says you can listen to music underwater

I say if you bought the phone and pay for the monthly plan, and also have cell phone insurance that you are paying for, I say, heck go for it.

If Dad paid for the phone and is paying for the monthly plan, and there is no cell phone insurance that covers water damage, Dads understandable caution, trumps little girls wish list of things to do on her birthday. Get a underwater bag type case and jump in the pool with that instead.

YOLO and there are some mistakes, that you can only make once.