Can the new iphone 5c have cases?

So my dad is finally getting me an iphone and it's going to be the iphone 5c. And i was wondering if they are able to have cases on them because they already have this different colored thing on the outside and i'm dying to have this case! Here's the link: Winnie Pooh Cartoon Shell iPhone I know they have that case for the iphone 5 because i looked it up but i just really wanted it for the iphone 5c that i will get and i don't know if they can put cases on them because they have this other protective thing on it.

no negative comments please

Yes it can have cases

Apple is FINALLY making there own cases the 5c cases are pretty slick many different colors I'm going to get the iphone 5s my grandpa is going to get me one for a early Christmas present. It's amazing that this kind of technology is coming out and I'm only 15 who know what it's going to be in the feature. Hope it helped:).