Can you buy a prepaid plan for verizon then get an iPhone and activate it?

My friend recently gave me his old iPhone 4. I can't activate it because I don't have a data plan (lame!). I cannot get my own plan because I'm not 18. If I get a prepaid smartphone plan, could I activate the iPhone 4 with it after?

No, the iPhone is not eligible for prepaid plans.

You will have two separate telephone numbers. The iPhone is not qualified at this time to be a GoPhone. Unless Apple designs a budget phone to be a GoPhone, then it won't work at all.

The previous person that answered your question is incorrect. You can use an UNLOCKED iPhone on Straight Talk or T-Mobile prepaid, but you will need a micro sim card from T-Mobile or Straight Talk, T-Mobile offers micro sim cards from their site for 99 cents. Straight talk offers micro sim cards from the site for 14.99. You will also need to buy the pre-paid minutes in order to activate your pre-paid account. I just did the very thing with an unlocked iPhone that I purchased through the Apple store and I'm currently using on T-Mobile.

BTW, T-Mobile has unlimited pre-paid plans starting at $30.00 and up; Straight talk has unlimited pre-paid plans starting at 45.00, but with the iPhone on Straight talk you need to tweek your MMS settings in order to get your texting & picture messaging to work appropriately. Also, I hear that Straight Talk puts a cap on the internet usage once you reach 2GB, T-Mobile, which I'm using doesn't have caps, but I can't hardly use my phone once inside a building, if that helps. Check out a few YouTube videos on those that are using iPhone on T-Mobile and/or Straight Talk before making your decision, especially check out videos on speed tests and how to get MMS working before making your decision on which carrier to use.

Good luck