Can you call other numbers other than 911 on emergency call on the iphone?

I want to use my brothers phone to call my boyfriend but he has a passcode on it. (im sneaking his phone) so can you?

911 emergency passcodes bypass the password on any phone. (Even in inactive phones that are not listed on a carrier)

If you're asking if you can call any number on a pass worded phone, no. You can't.

No my dad is a firefighter and they had to call 911 before they could go

Obviously not, what do think a passcode means?

NO, the emergency mode mean 911 only, not the your need to speak to boyfriend. Even you mom will tell you that this is not an emergency.

Dial 112 on Cell Phone to Contact Police in Emergency?

The whole point in having a passcode to prevent unauthorized persons(that would be YOU) from using the phone. Sorry but the passcode is just doing it job.

There is one its a combination of 1 and 0 i have done it before i won't give you the code, you can figure it out for yourself