Can you use an iphone without paying a monthly bill?

Thinking about trading a friend an ipod touch 4g for his iphone but want to know if i can still use it without having to pay verizon, sprint, or at&t each month

You can use an iPhone without a cellphone plan, but that just basically makes it an iPod. It still connects to wifi and everything.

It probably is a better trade for you though, because an iPhone is much faster and apps crash less than an iPod. (An iPhone 4 has 400 mb of RAM, an iPod 4 has only 100).

Yes, you can use it just like an ipod touch with no phone calling.

Sure, you can buy a second-hand iPhone and just choose not to sign a contract with a cellphone provider. You can still use it on WiFi, you just won't be able to use it as a phone.

You can use the phone as an iPod but you cannot make phone calls without paying a carrier.