Cheap no contract plan for iphone 5?

I'm 15 and I'm starting to work this summer. It's only for 2 months though. Anyway, I want to start paying my own phone bill because my won't let me have an iphone 5 and she goes to my phone. She says she pays the bill, so she has all the right to go through my phone. I don't disagree with her but I also need my privacy. Also what are some cheap phone plans for me? I'm planning to buy an unlock iphone 5 from apple so I won't have a contract. Thanks in advance:)

You can buy an iPhone without a contract and use it as an iPod, but if you want actual cellular service you WILL need to sign a contract, regardless of whether you buy it at full price or not.

IPhones are simply overpriced and in contrast to what is expected NO, or very little research is done (its free) and people take on 3 jobs, get a loan, mortgage their possession just to own a piece of this myth

So " are iPhones a bad idea?" class 101

1) iphone price / tariffs on any / all network defy logic and gravity.
2) The IP4 the first iphone to have a camera flash in 2010 ( evidently not needed)
3) open secret whilst this is on the IP4 All iPhones, eg
4) minor changes / additions approx 4 "NEW " features on the IP4S not on the IP4. 3 NEW features on IP5 not on the IP4S
4S) iPhones always play catch up. Sir I was the only "true" feature that Iphone to the lead, which IMO I don't think innovative as it is a search. What appears on an IPHONE, will have been ON ANOTHER PHONE BEFORE

5 Important! But they all are Note the source IP5 "best ever Iphone"

"I'm planning to buy an unlock iphone 5 from apple so I won't have a contract. Thanks in advance:) "because… Its an iphone, is NOT a plan, buy a phone because it has features / specifications

You already know the price you are willing to pay for the IP5 take a look at why the SGS II is a "ringer"

It will cost you $100.00 more or to add 16GB or get the 32GB version ($749.00) or $28.00 more for a 32Gb card if you get the SGS II

As most if not all phone are cost less it seem odd to get something supposedly superior with omissions So see 4S above)

18 months AFTER the release of the SGS II, Apple release the IP5, the IP5 played catch up to the SGS II it has the same speed processor [Dual Core] and 8MP camera

The SGS II along with BLUETOOTH MEDIA TRANSFER does 9 things the IP5 can't

The SGS has won 4 phone of the year awards( the SGS III COPIED the feat by winning the same exact 4 awards the following year! )

Only pay more if you are bidding for something.

Well T-Mobile offers the iPhone 5, without a contract starting at $99 & then you pay $20/month for 24 months after that. Check about that.