Cracking iphone 4 digit code?

Is there any way i can crack a 4 digit code on my iphone 4s version 5.1.1 please and serious answers only no bs about why im doing this dont wanna hear it Thank you


It probably doesn't belong to you, any ways if it doesn't you better hope they don't track it down. Lol js. You can restore the phone. But put it in DFU Mode (go on youtube and look at a video) it's very simple. And then after that you can click restore. It should popup something like this - "iPhone found in Recovery Mode" and you will get it from there. Goodluck man. And btw, it will delete everything on the phone, it restores back like a new phone, so if there's something inside you want to get in, than it will not be there lol). -just incase you didnt know that.