Device to play my iphone's music in my car?

So my car is kinda old and doesnt have an AUX port, but I know I can get something to plug into the cigarette lighter which would work too. Also, I have an iPhone 4. Whats are some of the best products to use so that I can hook up my phone to my cars stereo system. Oh and theres no cassette player so it has to go through the cigarette lighter.

Depending on the make and year of your car, it may be compatible with the ipod integration kit sold at There is a feature that allows you to find out if they sell a kit for your car. If they do, your in luck, because you'd be able to listen to all your songs on your iphone at cd audio quality, charge your iphone while its plugged in, and for some cars even use radio controls to change songs/playlists. Easy to install, affordable, and a great product.