DH 2014 Iphone Cheats or DH 2014 Hacks?

Im asking here today cuz i cant seem to find any Dh 2014 iphone cheats that will work without a jailbreak, i have found myself looking all over for how to hack dh 2014 app or even trying to download a dh 2014 hacks tool but i have had any luck. I have watched a ton of videos showing unlimited gold, bucks, and even energy using a dh 2014 cheats that is supposed to work on iphone and ipad, problem is i cant get it to work, most of these videos i see have a surveys download, so please if you give me anything i would like a dh 2014 hacks with no surveys link please. I really need a energy cheat bad for dh so that i can keep playing and dont have to do the time trick. Anything else would be extra, but like i said before there seems to be a dh 2014 gold and bucks cheat that is out so if anyone can point me in that direction or give me advice on how to get the dh 2014 hack to work that would be great, thnks for n e help give.

There is only one that i kno of that will work without a jailbreak, most of the dh 2014 cheats you have to jailbreak your iphone or ipad or root on android devices. I have this v1.3b dh 2014 hacks tool installed on my iphone and you dont have to jailbreak, it will cheat you free gold, energy, and bucks in app the. All you have to do is choose settings, run it, then restart app, i got all the weapons unlock for deer hunter 2014, this is the best dh 2014 cheats tool that i have come across online, i hope this helps you out, gl.

DH 2014 Cheats Here: http://tinyurl.com/cheat-dh-2014

This have a survey and will not work