Do All iPhone 5s have a Sim Card slot?

Shopping for an iPhone 5 Online i have been seeing
iPhone 5 for Verizon Unlocked and
iPhone 5 for Sprint Unlocked
The iPhone 4 That had a Sim Card Slot was the AT&T only and im wondering if Verizon and Sprint allow Sim Cards now?

All iPhones from the 4s to the 5 all have SIM card slots, and are considered world phones, they will work on any GSM or CDMA networks.

I guess yeah

The iPhone 4 was either a GSM or CDMA device. However the iPhone 4S & 5 are GSM/CDMA phones. Doesn't mean though that ones bought from Sprint/Verizon would instantly work on AT&T with their SIM cards, though the 5 from Verizon is unlocked out the box.