Do I have to file All my W2 forms this year?

I filed my taxes last week using SnapTax via iPhone. I didn't meet the $9, 000+ minimum for taxes to be taken out, so I received my full refund. However, I forgot to wait on one W2 form from a place where the taxes withheld was only $21. Do I need to re-file because of this one w2 form? I didn't think it would matter since they would have to refund it to me anyways. It would cost $25 to refile to I'd essentially lose money. If someone could let me know what I need or don't need to do please. Thanks.

Added (1). I didn't receive a w2 from a daycare I worked at for one pay period. Even adding the w2 from the daycare AND the w2 from Claire's, I still do not meet the minimum of $9, 750.So I'm getting mixed answers if I need to amend my refund or if it's okay to just leave my refund where it is. My tax refund was approved by the IRS, I just got an email confirmation. Would they alert me if I needed to file the other two small w2's? Or would they just leave it be since they'd owe it back to me anyways.

Yes, you need to refile

You have to file all of your W-2's every year.

Okay, this is the rule.

IF all of your income, including the missing w-2, is less than $9750, you don't taxes either way and would have gotten the $21 back if you'd filed it. Since you didn't have to file, you don't have to amend.

Personally for $25, I'd stuggle through the 1040X, but it's your choice.

Yes, you have to file them all. You now need to file a paper amended return. Include payment of anything you owe when you do it.

If you still don't meet the minimum filing requirement for your status, then don't worry.