Do I suck if I have Nexus 4 instead of iPhone 5?

Do I suck if I have Nexus 4 instead of iPhone 5?

No definitely not. That doesn't matter keep your phone.

Of course it does, what phone you have dictates who you are, Albert Einstein had an iPhone5, Billy Barnet had a Galaxy and no one has heard of him.

I gave my iphone5 to my 10 year old daughter and went back to my galaxy s2. I'd rather have the nexus

A phone shouldn't determine weather a person "sucks" or not. If people are saying that, they they are the ones that suck.

the Nexus is a better phone than the iPhone 5 is. Just ask them how having a processor twice as powerful as their processor is, a screen that is larger AND higher resolution, and having an operating system that is actually USEFUL is "stupid"

iOS and iphones are nice, but there is no way i could ever go back to using that phone after using a nexus device. There is just so much more you can do with the nexus that they Cant do with their phones.

head over to and check them out. Get one of the themes working on your phone and go show them whats up.

IPhone 5 is better