Do u think the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was taken by UFO's?

Does anybody else believe in UFO's and aliens? Is anybody else skeptical? Is It possible that a UFO took the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777? And that's why they can't find any debri or anything? I thought what they were saying was wiered. They were saying thing like the airplane suddenly vanished off radar. And an oil liner man seen a "burning object ". And they said the picked up something on the radar a little bit after it vanished and it was head back towards where it came from. Anybody believe aliens in a UFO took it? I read all this off of the abc news app on iPhone.

More likely that Islamic wacko's took over the plane and either blew it up, crashed it into the ocean, or flew it to Iran or somewhere like that. I would give alien abduction about a trillion to 1 odds.

My view is that Aliens, somewhere do exist. The Universe is just too massive for us to be alone. However, I do not believe that we have been visited by aliens. The Universe is just too massive for them to pinpoint this tiny little grain of sand. However, I could be wrong.

In relation to this airplane going missing. I think it'll be found sooner or later. It's not even been a week yet. Planes have gone missing before, to be found years later.

I really think jumping to aliens is a big logical leap. I don't think aliens have ever visited Earth, so I think a more mundane (but still unusual) explanation will surface eventually when the plane is finally located. Something like a hypoxic event, or a hijacking, or some sort of communications failure after some other part of the plane became damaged.

Use Occam's razor.

There are a lot of stupid ideas about what might have happened, but aliens is the stupidest of all.

NO! I do not think the Malaysian 707 was taken by a UFO. Why would any RATIONAL person think that. It's just that they are searching in the wrong areas. PERIOD!

aliens definitely took this plane, r u kidding? They were licking at the chops at abducting a whole aluminium tube full of people, plus they can use the aluminum tube to make nukes duh hans blix

UFOs and aliens/space_ships are not the same thing.

And since no one observed either UFOs or alien space ships associated with the Malaysia flight you are grasping at empty straws. Just because you can't explain it is no validation of the least likely conceivable scenario that could be thought of. Really.

As far as I'm concerned it is as possible as any other reason why this plane just vanished!